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Mandy was born in the midst of Australia’s first recession after 28 years of unbroken prosperity and economic growth. There has never been a greater need for who Mandy is and what Mandy does….

Our inspiration is you!

Our Inspiration

Firstly, the frustration of seeing unbelievably intelligent friends afraid of dealing with their own money. Fear Of Money (F.O.M) was subsequently coined and drove the realisation that every young (and not so young) person should have a friend that they can turn to to beat the financial scaries. There's plenty of information out there. Yet, in our experience, it's impossible to find information that's age appropriate, enjoyable to work through, relevant, trusted and contextualised.

Secondly, knowing the empowerment that comes with understanding money. Fortunate to have studied and worked around the topic of money, we’re addicted to the feeling of ‘realisation’. “Oh! THAT’S what it means to claim the tax free threshold…”  Yes, a bit like 2016 Kylie, we too, are all about realising things.

Thirdly, the challenge. There’s a reason no one’s quite cracked the financial education code yet; it’s inherently an uninspiring topic and can be quite a difficult one if you’re not fluent in money talk. But we think the way money works is pretty cool (obviously) and once you break it down to the basics, it’s totally within reach. We know we are onto something, here’s to cracking that code!

Australia's Trusted FInancial Education body

Our Vision

While modesty is a core value of the Mandy team, our vision is all but.

It's no secret that there is a significant gap where quality and trusted financial education for young Australian's should be. In its place is anxiety, confusion and inequality that manifests in countless ways.

No bueno. But here's the real kicker. The ethical gap between the uneducated consumer, and the rapidly changing Fintech and financial product space, is widening. There are more apps, tech and candy wrapped lenders accessible than ever before.

This is where we step in. We want to ensure that young Aussies are in the know about their dough to help minimise mistakes and maximise potential. Our vision is to be the financial education body that guides all young Australians through the most formative years of their financial journey... To get every young Australian the education, support, guidance and tools they need to be financially empowered.

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