December 16, 2021

How Much Time Do Teachers Spend Planning Lessons?

Teachers Spend 50% of Time Doing Non-Teaching Activities


Data from the OECD shows that 50% of teachers working hours (and often overtime) is devoted to non-teaching activities, and especially lesson planning. If you’re an educator yourself, this statistic probably wouldn’t surprise you much, so how can we minimise the background work to focus more on time with students?


How much do Teachers Plan?


When many of us consider the role teacher’s play, we immediately think of the classroom. When in reality teachers know the classroom is just the tip of the iceberg of their duties and much of their role is outside of these hours.


What many of us don’t realise however, is the vast amount of work and time that teachers must put into preparing for the classroom. In fact, according to the OECD, over the course of one calendar week, the average teacher will have spent about 7 hours out of their 38-hour week just planning lessons.


Much of this time is spent planning individually or coordinating lessons with colleagues across the faculty, especially when the same subject is delivered by multiple teachers.


How are Teachers Overcoming this?


While the need to plan won’t change, teachers are actively looking for options to make planning lessons more efficient.According to Market Advisors, teachers spend over 50% of the time spent planning lessons, searching for free and paid instructional resources.


We believe that teachers deserve options that reduce the time they spend preparing for lessons, to allow more time for other important elements of their job. However, these options need to be more accessible, high quality, and uniform. That is why we developed our TeacherLesson Packs to help make teaching finance quick and easy.


Mandy Money Teacher Lesson Packs


Teacher lesson packs can help ease the burden of preparing and creating novice ways to engage students with material. Our lesson packs do the hard work of organising lessons by having preprepared lesson plans, presentations, discussion points, and assessments.


If this sounds like something your school would be interested in integrating, drop us a line at to talk further!


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