October 14, 2021

Money Manifestation, Does it Actually Work?

Gabrielle Hurrel

What is Manifesting??  

Manifesting seems to be the word of the year. People claim you can bring things into your life, whether it be money, love or something else entirely, purely by willing it into your life and tapping into ‘the power of the mind’.  

When it comes to money, part of this is having a ‘money abundance mindset’, believing that there is plenty of money in the world and that it is within reach for you.  

So according to these ideas, people who feel positively about money and, believe they will receive money, will be rolling in the dough.

Sound too good to be true? Well… maybe!  

Does Manifesting Work (Scientifically Speaking)?  

According to science, abundance mindsets, laws of attraction and manifestation is ultimately a pseudoscience. There is no hard evidence to support any of it. For the most part, manifesting successes can be blamed on the Pygmalion effect (self-fulfilling prophecy effect). When you believe something will happen, you will subconsciously create an environment and take actions to make it more likely.  

Ultimately being positive about money won’t guarantee you wealth as action is needed. Yet, there are still some scientifically backed benefits of manifesting and having a good money mindset.  

Why Manifesting is still Kinda Helpful:  

While manifesting and having an abundance mindset won’t guarantee you wealth, some of the habits they promote are actually really conducive to achieving your goals.

  1. Visualizing your money goals: When you sit down and write out your goals, they are 42% more likely to be achieved. Being clear about your goals and having SMARTT goals is a great first step towards achieving them.  
  1. Motivating you to learn: People who feel positively about money are more likely to want to learn about their money and take charge of their finances compared to people who derive stress or anxiety from it.  
  1. Building growth mindsets: While science hasn’t been able to support abundance mindsets, growth mindsets are tried and true. People who manifest and open themselves up to opportunity, are more likely to have growth mindsets. Developing this type of thinking can help with goal setting, achievement and resilience.  

So, should we totally write off manifesting? We don’t think so. There’s a lot that we can gain from the lessons it teaches and the positivity it imparts.  

But, should be rely on manifesting? No. At the end of the day, taking action over your finances and life is the most critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to being wealthy.There’s nothing like a good budget *winky face*.

So, keep manifesting that moolah, just do it with a grain of salt and focus your energy on building those positive money HABITS.  

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