November 1, 2021

Movers and Makers Day Recap!

Mandy Money

Our 2021 Movers and Makers Day is wrapped up and you’re here to read all about it. Lucky duck! 

On October 8th, the team at Mandy, in collaboration with Haileybury, Exo Digital and Deloitte, hosted the inaugural Movers and Makers Day: An entrepreneurial workshop day to help students build a start-up in one day!

The quick synopsis: Movers and Makers day brought together 12 teams of high school students from across Victoria and New South Wales. Over the course of the day, students partook in seven distinct learning sessions designed to help them build their own start-up. Each team were provided with mentorship and guidance from the team at Mandy, Exo Digital, Deloitte and our host of guest speakers. 

The best part? Student start-up pitches qualified for entry into the Exo Digital SharkTank competition with a prize package worth $7500.

Movers and Makers day 2021

Session 1: Meet your Co-Founders

In the first session of the day, we introduced students to their teams, which consisted of a mix of students from different schools, year levels and states. It was a great opportunity for students to discuss their strengths and weaknesses as well as what they wanted to get out of the day.  

Some feedback from the day (which we love!)

"It was so awkward meeting my team at the start, but now we're literally best friends"


Session 2: Market Research and Problem Validation

Session 2, our Head of Marketing, Gabrielle Hurrel, took students through the market research process. This session introduced students to the problem their start-up would be trying to address:

"Australian communities are doing it tough right now! Financially and socially, there’s a lot of instability and security. Many people are falling through the widening cracks."

From there, the goal was to help students use primary and secondary data to define one specific problem they wanted to tackle. We had all sorts of interesting ‘problems’ come out of the session. Some students focused in on the environment, others on mental health and others on the issues Covid-19 has caused for communities.

Then, they had to start thinking about how they could potentially solve it. This was something they honed in on during the third session.


Session 3: Ideation and Strategy

In our third session, guest speaker Ken Liew generously shared his experience in ideation and strategy at his current role. Ken works in strategy and operations at innovative start-up DoorDash. He gave incredible insight into the processes and mindsets he employs to ideate and problem solve. We received feedback post-event that students thoroughly enjoyed hearing his real-world advice, especially given Ken’s extensive industry experience.

From there, students went back into their teams togo through some of the solutions they came up with in session two. The goal was to evaluate each of them and choose their favourite to focus on for the day.

At the end of the session, students shared their ideas with the group. From a single problem statement, the range of ideas and solutions were highly impressive. Students proposed everything from new EdTech, social media platforms and VR. No lack of creativity in the room!  

Session 4: Building and Prototyping

 In the lead up to the day's flagship building session, our second industry guest and absolute superstar, Chai Ng, popped in for a round of Q&A with the students. Chai currently works as a Senior Strategy Manager at start-up unicorn Airwallex. Given her entrepreneurial line of work, students were very excited to hear her processes for creating solutions.

After gaining some inspiration from Chai, students were sent back into their teams with the task of building a pitch deck that addresses their problem, solution, business model, market size and launch strategy among other things.

During this time, students had the privilege of mentorship and guidance of consultants from the Deloitte Strategy and Operations team.

By the end of the session, we had 12 incredible slide decks and mastermind pitches ready to go!


Session 5: Goals & Vision

Bringing students back after lunch break, Kellie, our Head of National Schools, ran a quick session for students on goal setting and vision. The session was designed to get students thinking about the long-term for their theoretical start-ups and products.  

Kellie took students through a variety of tools that businesses use to help clarify their goals such as the SMART goal framework and vision statements. Students then had the opportunity to set some goals for their businesses.


Session 6: Exo Digital Innovation Session

In session six, we were excited to formally introduce students to our sponsors Exo Digital, as well as the Movers and Makers Day Shark Tank competition.

In this session, Exo Digital provided students with real world insight into their design thinking process, and the many steps they go through before they can bring a product to life. Walking the talk, they led students through the build and launch of their Let’s GoCommunity app.

It was a great opportunity for students to see real company navigate through the start-up journey.


Session 7: Pitching and Feedback


In our final session, we gave students an opportunity to return to their pitch decks to help them design a short 2-minute elevator pitch. During the session, we had mentors from Deloitte and Exo Digital pop into breakout rooms to provide students with feedback on their pitch to help perfect it for entry into the Shark Tank competition. During this session, we heard some groundbreaking ideas, and were blown away what students were able to achieve within a very short day.

Fast forward through a rigorous assessment period, the winner of the Exo Digital Shark tank Competition was announced on the 1st November as Study Meter!


Movers and Makers Day provided students with an innovative space to step away from school and other responsibilities. It was a chance to get creative and get their hands dirty solving real world problems. We were so inspired to see the entrepreneurial spirit in this generation of youth, and can't wait to help nurture this over the coming years.

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