October 14, 2021

Testing your Love with a Couple’s Budget

Gabrielle Hurrel

If you’ve recently moved in with your SO or have been together for a while, you might want to start testing your financial compatibility. It’s a great first step to sussing whether you want to be with this person, and their finance habits, forever.


Scared? We’ve got you!


What is a Couple Budget?

 Couple budgets, like most normal budgets, involve tracking your expenses and savings to meet different goals you might have. The main difference: you’ll be doing it with your partner.


Depending on what stage you’re at in your relationship, you might want to start small and budget for a weekly Friday date night, or maybe a trip! If you live together, maybe you’ll want to budget for rent or living expenses.


Not so bad right?


Tips and Tricks to Get Started!

 Note: Probably best to do this with a partner you are VERY comfortable with


1.    Be Transparent: When you meet this very special person who you want to make a budget with, you’ll have to be pretty transparent so you can make realistic goals as a couple. You’ll want to have THE TALK about income, your expenses and even your life goals to make sure you’re saving enough and budgeting enough for your day-to-day expenses.


2.    Get a Shared Budgeting App or Spreadsheet: Using an app like Clever, you can write down all of these goals and keep yourselves accountable as a couple. It also helps make sure your budget is realistic and covering all grounds.


3.    Have Weekly Check-Ins: Once a week, have a chill conversation about where you are at with your budget and where you’d like to be moving forward. Address any red-flags that pop up (with them OR their financial habits) to make sure you’re staying on track!


Best case scenario, you realize you’ve met your financial soulmate and you can run off into a nearby sunset! Worst case scenario, you’ve tested the waters in a relatively risk-free way!

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