Mandy is a social animal and understands that you are too. We provide free financial educational content and resources for young people across our social sphere, as well as life saving courses via our Mandy Academy. We believe the best way to get in the know about your dough is to talk about it. So, ask us a question and let's start a conversation!

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Learning about money can be one of three things:

  1. Something you don't realise you have to do
  2. Something  you don't know how to do
  3. Something you don't want to do

At Mandy, we focus on helping you overcome each of these three hurdles.


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Whether you want something formal, something quick and useful, or simply something in your social feed, you're in the right place.

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The Mandy Academy

Confused with all the random information flying about in your head? Can't make head or tail of the money tips and tricks coming at you from every angle? Don't know how the whole money picture fits together and makes sense for you?

Enter, the Mandy Academy. The Mandy academy isn't about giving you decorative pieces of information to soothe your surface level questions. We go right down to the bottom of that iceberg and address the underlying confusion. We start at the start, and work out way logically through the whole journey to give you a full picture, high definition view of a topic. We're always adding new topics, but currently we have...

  1. Super Series
  2. Investing 101
  3. Debt Diaries
  4. The Tax Files
  5. Budgeting basics (coming soon)

Each course is a nicely packaged wholistic run through of the whole money topic. We cover all the basics and delve into some more advanced topics for those that are game. Enrol into a course today!

Coming Soon
Use our moving out Calculator!

Useful resources galore

Learning things is great, but taking the next step and putting it into action is even better. We're constantly building new resources for you to use and make your financial life a little easier.

But Mandy, what do you mean by the illusive term, "resources"? Well, resources are things that you can read, look at, download, explore, play around with, and ultimately use to make your financial life a bit easier.

For example:

  1. Moving Out Calculator (not gonna lie, this one is groovy asf)
  2. Full suite Budgeting tool (Excel is our/your best friend)
  3. Money Gaps Quiz (perfect if you don't know, what you don't know)

Jump to our blog page to filter through useful articles, guides, downloads and tools.

Want us to build something? Shoot us a message!

Moving Out Calculator
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Manifesting good money behaviour? Follow us on socials to drip feed money smart content into your life (warning, great humour coming your way). We deliver bite size pieces of money smart content, to keep you in the know about your dough.

  1. Infographics
  2. Explainers
  3. Money Inspo
  4. News analysis
  5. Tips & tricks
  6. Memes
  7. General tomfoolery

While our Academy comprises of more wholistic & formal stretches of learning, our socials give you a taste... A cross section of everything!

You're a social animal. Mandy's a social animal. Let's hang out on Insta, Tiktok, Facebook, or Youtube.

Insta, baby!

We Vlog. Yeh we do.

We're proud of our vlogging status... Subscribe and be the first to get in the know about your dough! Check out our interview with our prize winner, Chris, as he talks through his investment choices.

Don't know what you don't know?

Starting your learning journey is, in our opinion, the hardest part (the actually money part is easy peasy when you learn it from Mandy).

The first step in the journey is being aware of what you actually need to know! The fact that you're reading this probably means that you've already taken that first step, hoorah! If you're looking to zone in on exactly what you need to know, take our quiz.

Now that you know which pieces of the puzzle you're missing, the second step is figuring out from which direction you're going to tackle the journey. Have a look here at how we think you should be approaching it.

Ok so you know what you don't know, and you know how to approach your knowledge gaps, now for the doing it part. This is where the Mandy Academy comes in. We go from top to bottom, and don't leave out a single important part. Go through one of our curses with confidence that you're getting a solid, well-rounded edu-ma-cation.



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The Academy is literally a godsend. So useful.

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The Moving Out Module gave me so much peace of mind about moving out.

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