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Life Academy Course 💎

Get in the know about your dough! ✨ The A-Z of your personal finance life... Everything you were never taught 😤 Headache free guarantee.

It's all there! And more 🤠

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  • 86+ illustrated Lessons
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Topic 1

🌶 Jobs, jobs, jobs - find me one!
🌶 How do I build a Resume?
🌶 How do I write a Cover Letter?
🌶 What do I need to look for before I sign my Job contract?
🌶 What is my Job Classification? Permanent, Casual or Contract?
🌶 What do all the things on my paycheck mean?
🌶 Who's on my side at work?

Topic 2

🔥 What is Tax?
🔥 What is Income Tax?
🔥 How does our Progressive Tax System work?
🔥 How do I figure out how much tax I owe?
🔥 What does the ATO do, and are they following me?
🔥 How does HECS debt & repayment work?
🔥 Do I have to pay a Medicare Levy?
🔥 What is a Tax File Number, how do I get one?
🔥 When and who pays my tax?
🔥 Why do I get taxed different amounts on each pay check?
🔥 How does Tax impact my take-home pay?
🔥 How does the Tax-Free Threshold work?
🔥 How does Salary Sacrifice / Packaging work?
🔥 What is a Novated Lease?
🔥 How do Tax Returns work?
🔥 What counts as Assessable Income?
🔥 How do Deductible Expenses work?
🔥 How do I know if I'll get a Tax Return or Bill?
🔥 How do I submit my Tax Return?

Topic 3

⚡️ What is Super?
⚡️ Where does my Super money go?
⚡️ How does my Super get paid (and how much)?
⚡️ How do Superfunds work?
⚡️ What are my investment options?
⚡️ How do I choose my investment options?
⚡️ How do I know what's a good superfund return?
⚡️ Taking stock of your Super (where is it?)
⚡️ Choosing a Superfund
⚡️ Joining your new Superfund
⚡️ What happens with my Super when I retire?
⚡️ How do I make sure I have a *super* successful super situation?

Topic 4

🥝 Why Budgeting is so hard (but worth it)
🥝 Where to begin with budgeting?
🥝 How do I organise my accounts and investments?
🥝 How do I decide which accounts to use?
🥝 How do I forecast and figure out my budget numbers?
🥝 How do I convert my numbers to a functional budget?
🥝 How to actually build, and use my budgeting System?
🥝 Download and use Mandy's Budgeting Template
🥝 How can I automate my budget and cashflow?
🥝 How do I budget with an inconsistent income or lifestyle?
🥝 How do I reflect on my spending and budget?

Topic 5

🐬 Where Spending and Debt meet
🐬 Am I in debt?
🐬 What types of Debt are available to me?
🐬 What is debt going to cost me?
🐬 The science behind debt: How does Interest work?
🐬 How does debt repayment work?
🐬 How do I choose the right debt for my situation?
🐬 How does a lender decide whether to lend me money?
🐬 What's the difference between Secured and Unsecured Loans?
🐬 How do Credit Scores work?
🐬 How does Buy Now Pay Later work?
🐬 How do Credit Cards work?
🐬 How do Payday Loans work?
🐬 How does my HECS Debt work?
🐬 How do I know what my Debt Situation is?
🐬 How do I budget for Debt and make a repayment plan?
🐬 Do I repay my Debt, or Invest first?
🐬 How do I refinance my Debt?
🐬 How do I stop myself from getting into unhealthy debt?
🐬 Where do I find help for my debt situation?

Topic 6

🫐 Where to invest my savings?
🫐 What is Investing?
🫐 Why should I care about investing?
🫐 How do investments make money?
🫐 What do investment 'returns' mean?
🫐 How does investment Risk relate to Returns?
🫐 What is a Portfolio, and why is it diversified?
🫐 What are shares?
🫐 How does the Share Market, Stock Broking & Shares work?
🫐 How do shares make money?
🫐 How to choose which shares to invest in?
🫐 How do Passive & Active Funds work?
🫐 How do Exchange Traded Funds work?
🫐 How do Savings Accounts, Term Deposits, Bonds work?
🫐 How do Commodities, Foreign Currency, Crypto Currency work?
🫐 What should I think about before investing?
🫐 How do I choose the right investments?