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It's no secret that all this money and career content is important for your students to learn, right? But chances are you're intimidated or uninspired at the prospect of tackling it yourself. That's why we're here! Welcome to Mandy in Schools... Aussie schools' most loved money smart friend.

Aussie kids are getting left behind

Why we do, what we do

If we had a dollar for every time someone told us “I wish I had been taught about money at school”, Mandy would be a very rich lady! Instead, every time we hear this, we add a little fire to the belly in our mission to get young Australians financially literate.

Did you know, 75% of young Australians worry they are making poor financial decisions? This manifests in Australia having some of the highest personal debt levels in the world (scary!) and the average young Australian's savings rate being as as low as 1.3%.

But the good news! 81% of young Australians want to learn to manage their finances... Which is where Mandy comes in. We empower students to feel confident in their financial decision making and prepare students for the many complex money scenarios they will encounter.

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Introducing our three offerings

Our schools program has optionality to suit the smallest and largest of needs. Our purpose-built curriculum has legs to stand on its own, but also has flexibility to fit into, as well as support, your existing programs.

An independent study curriculum

Our Online Program

The easiest way to get your students the money smarts they need! Our 27 all-inclusive modules have endless application capabilities to make your financial literacy teaching life a breeze.

Our online modules:

  • Work as wholistic and independent lessons
  • Fit within Commerce, Business, Economics, Maths, Sociology, Careers or Personal Development classes
  • Ranging between 40-60 minutes, comfortably covering a full period
  • Count towards our Mandy Certificate and Micro-Credential series
  • Jam packed with videos, quizzes, activities & interactivity
  • Allow students to interact with their classmates throughout the process
  • Detailed performance data and analytics for teachers and parents

You'll have complete control over what your students study. And for total ease of use, we'll even enrol your students for you.

Everything you need to run a smooth lesson

Teacher Lesson Packs

Financial literacy is difficult to teach (we can confirm!). Our 27 Teacher resource packs remove the uncomfortable parts, but leave the fun parts for you to engage with your students. In other words: we take care of the money, you take care of your students.

Our Teacher Lessons:

  • Work as holistic and independent lessons
  • Fit within Commerce, Business, Economics, Maths, Sociology, Careers or Personal Development classes
  • Range between 40-60 minutes, comfortably covering a full period
  • Count towards our Mandy Certificate and Micro-Credential series
  • Jam packed with videos, quizzes & activities
  • Have class activity or individual activity options
  • Have teacher guides and support along the way
  • Promote class discussion and collaboration

Our Teacher Resources are a great way to actively be part of your student's financial literacy journeys. And the best part? You don't have to know a cent about money to deliver our lessons.

Get your students engaged & excited

Presenter Workshops

Our Presenter Workshops are a great way to get your students excited about their financial literacy journeys! Our presenters are young, personal-finance literate, and extremely passionate about getting young Aussies smart about their money.

Whether it's a single classroom (up to 25 students), a seminar (up to 80 students) or an entire year level (up to 500), we adjust our content to ensure there's optimum engagement.

Our presentations work perfectly as standalone sessions, but function best in alignment with our broader financial literacy curriculum. Breadth combined with depth makes for a winner.

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Get Your Students Accredited

Our Mandy Micro-Credentials represent a solid understanding of economic and financial concepts, as well as a strong exposure to life-skills necessary for youth development. Students are welcome to list their credentials on their resume (or frame it for their trophy shelf!).

We have five Micro-Credentials for students to work towards:

  1. Mandy Money Foundations
  2. Mandy Money Systems
  3. Mandy Money Finance
  4. Mandy Money Life-Skills
  5. Mandy Money Advanced

Our Curriculum

Our schools curriculum covers a range of topics, but we build our foundation across five core pillars...

1. Cultivating positive money mindsets to enhance learning absorption
2. Contextualising the economic theory that underpins personal finance
3. Enabling students to navigate financial decisions
4. Recognition skill development in avoiding money mistakes and pitfalls
5. Bridging the gap between theory and application together to help shape good money habits

Our curriculum spans a large range of topics, that align across multiple national curriculum points. Embed our program as part of your students' holistic life-skills education, or, pick and choose pieces to fit in with your Commerce, Economics, Business, Maths Careers or Personal Development classes.

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“We use the Mandy curriculum across our entire senior cohort. My students commented on how relevant they found all this new found information and how grateful they are for it ahead of getting jobs hopefully this coming summer. Considering it one of the best resources offered to them in PEX this year”

Sabine Partington,
Haileybury College

"Money isn't as complicated as I thought! It was really helpful and relevant to learn more about where our money goes when we pay tax and tips on how to spend money effectively."

Sacré Cœur

"Mandy Money were excellent presenters! They delivered engaging & relevant content to our students and broke down even the most complex ideas and terms into easy and digestible content. The girls were thrilled that they learnt something in such a fun and dynamic way."

Head of year 11,
St Rita's College

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