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Tackling Australia's financial literacy crisis isn't for the faint of heart! Meet Australia's favourite (and most courageous) money smart friend.

Meet Mandy!

Mandy is your... Money Smart Friend

At Mandy, we do financial education. But we don't just *do* financial education, we do it exceptionally. Our approach is visual and creative, taking the most complex of concepts and delivering them with #spice. Just like a friend would, we make our content easy to sip and understand. Whether you're a young person looking to get in the know about your dough, a school teacher looking to get your kids financial literate, a company looking to get your staff or customers up-skilled, or a fintech looking to break down the confusion barrier between your audience and your product... Mandy has you covered!

So what does Mandy Money do?

Your schoolyard friend


Mandy knows that school is where all good life lessons begin! But, we also know that your curriculum is absolutely bursting at the seams.

For most schools, financial literacy education is something that needs to be easy peasy, lickety split... Or not at all.

So, whether you want a little bit, a lot, or all of it, Mandy's got you!

We provide:

  1. Self-Directed Online Programs
  2. Teacher Facilitated Lesson Packs
  3. Mandy Presenter Workshops

Each of our options is unique, allowing flexibility for your specific teaching needs and curriculum structure. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll provide you with a no-fuss quote within 24 hours.

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get smart


Mandy is your money smart friend and has serious love for the community of young Aussies embarking on their journey to get money smart.

There are three ways we work with young Aussies wanting to get #moneysmart:

  1. The Mandy Academy
  2. Resources and custom built tools
  3. Free content on socials

Beyond this, we're always available to chat. There is no question that is too small, too tall, too big or too bold to ask. If it’s to do with the wide world of money, Mandy’s your go-to. Find us on one of our socials (we’re everywhere worth being, sorry Twitter), or ask us via our website form.

Enrol into the academy
Your education partner

Businesses & Corporate

Mandy knows business fin-ed needs are numerous and diverse.

Perhaps your staff or audience need a structured educational course? Maybe your users require education to support the use of your product?
Perhaps a trusted educational partner is a piece of your ethical puzzle!

Or maybe you just need some beautifully built content to engage and add value to your audience's experience.

We can help you in three distinct areas:

  1. Content-as-a-service (your educational content developers)
  2. Formal education for development or training purposes
  3. Workshops for your 15-25 year old community

The bottom line here... Whatever you need in the way of financial literacy content, we've got you!


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Talk to us about how we can get you, your students, your staff, your community (or your neighbour's auntie's best friend's kid) financially literate and in the know about their dough.

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