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The easiest and most effective way to teach your students about their money.

The results are in...

According to a Kids News survey in 2021, Aussie students and teachers are ready for change!

Students want to learn about money!

 94% believe it's important to learn about personal finance before becoming an adult. 

What's interesting, they want this education at school! 

90% want this education to happen in the classroom.

The best part? Teachers are on board!

86% of teachers support bringing this education into schools!

The problem?

There are many barriers to getting financial education into classrooms.

Developing materials

Creating resources and organising effective and impactful lessons takes time!

Engaging your students

Making an inherently 'bland' topic engaging for your students is a tricky task.

Ensuring Impact & Effectiveness

Knowing what to teach and how effective it will be can be impossible!

Curriculum Fit?

FinLit is scattered across the National curriculum. How can you justify fitting it in?

Responsibility confusion

Financial literacy fits across many subjects & year levels. Who's teaching it?

Technical Knowledge

Dealing with your own money is tough. Teaching it can seem even tougher!

The Answer!

Welcome to The Mandy High School Program. Australia's all-in-one solution to meaningfully integrate financial education into your students' high school experience. 

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Program delivery comprises of three components...

These allow you for a flexibly and wholistic teaching and learning experience. Teach in the classroom, assign homework, and set testing goals.

Student Pass

Empower students with self-paced online access! Packed with videos, activities and gamified badges, the student pass is aligned directly with the textbook and teacher materials. 

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Teacher Pass

All the lesson outlines, presentation materials, activities, videos, support & extension materials to deliver the program in the classroom. Aligned seamlessly with student pass & textbook.

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Textbook / Workbook Hybrid

Prefer a hard-copy version of the program? Opt for a textbook! Students have all necessary program content and activity completion space in the one resource. 

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...which work together, along a linear content syllabus. 

Easy to follow, goal oriented and logically structured... Mandy's tried and tested content syllabus will allow you to teach without the overwhelm.

How does the program work from a teaching perspective? 👀

Once you have decided how teachers and students will access the program, now comes the fun part, teaching the content!

📝 First, the content structure...

The program is structured into:

> 3 micro-credentials
> 9 topics
> 27 (40-60 minute) lessons 
> 108 learning chapters

📝 Next, what is a learning chapter?

 Learning chapters are the building blocks of this program. Each of the 108 learning chapters are structured identically, made up of two parts... 

1. A bite size section of content explaining a core concept.
2. A set of short activities which test, expand and enrich the focus concept.

Learning chapters take 5-15 minutes to complete. They have been designed to be completed either in isolation as a quick learning effort, or within the context of one of the program's 27 lessons (4 learning chapters per lesson).

📝 What does a learning chapter look like?

  1. Using the textbook, a learning chapter is a portion of illustrated text, accompanied by a set of worksheet-style activities.
  2. Using lesson packs, a learning chapter is housed in a set of powerpoint slides. The theory section takes the form of 2-5 minute video. Activities are presented in the powerpoint slides. Completion of these activities can be done as a group or individually... Using the textbook, or the printable worksheets. 

Whether students complete a learning chapter independently via their textbooks (digital or hardcopy)... Or it's completed it as a classroom lesson, the program accommodates for your preferred completion method. 

📝 What exactly is a "Teacher Lesson Pack"?

A Teacher Lesson Pack is a ready-to-go set of files with everything you need to deliver an engaging and effective lesson! Inside each Lesson Pack is...

  • Editable Lesson Powerpoint (centred around curriculum objectives)
  • Editable Worksheet
  • 4 x Content Videos
  • 4 x Student activities (group & individual completion options) 
  • End of Lesson Quiz + Completion Certificate
  • Lesson Plan including teaching support, discussion questions, extension materials.
  • Additional fifth activity aligned specifically to lesson curriculum objective

There are 27 lesson packs included in the Mandy High School Program.

📝 What exactly is the Mandy Money Textbook? 

This first-of-its-kind resource, traverses the A-Z's of personal finance. It's the easiest and most effective way to get your students in the know about their dough! 

  • Fully illustrated
  • Free from complicated jargon
  • Aligned with the broader Mandy High School Program
  • Designed for independent completion, or in the classroom use
  • Equipped with an MC pass to complete 3 x Micro-credentials 

📝 How do the textbook & teacher pass work together?

Theory content and activities are aligned between the textbook, student pass and teacher pass. This allows you to use the lesson packs to facilitate a classroom lesson, while allowing students to use their textbooks or online logins to engage with the theory, complete activities, and note down comments.

You are able to interchange seamlessly between the two delivery styles depending on whether you are teaching in the classroom or assigning for independent completion.

Student Textbook

Aligned with teacher lesson packs, this student resource contains theory & space for activity completion. Students build a personalised resource to refer to beyond the classroom.

Teacher Lesson Packs

All the lesson outlines, presentation materials, activities, videos, support & extension materials to deliver the program in the classroom. Lesson packs bring the workbook to life.

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What about micro-credentials?

To complete each micro-credential, students must complete a 45 question multiple choice online quiz. Links to access the quiz can be easily found within the program materials.

To be rewarded their MC certificate and accompanying resume badge, students need to upload their completed quiz result, alongside a form signed by a teacher or guardian to confirm completion of the program activities. 

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How does the program benefit students? 

The program focuses on the large range of critical personal finance concepts students will need to be aware of as they transition into the real world. Ultimately the goal is to empower students to lead healthy and positive financial lives.

The program gives students:

Exposure to & awareness of key concepts

When faced with a money milestone, students will not be intimidated nor overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Optimistic outlook towards their financial futures

The illustrated, fun and bite-sized information format tackles the misconception that money is 'difficult'.

Vocabulary and confidence talk about money, ask questions, and ask for help. The program provides a safe space to understand, enquire and interact with concepts. 

Personalised learning application

Each students’ financial situation is unique. The program, activities are largely designed for students to apply theory to their personal situations and outlooks.

A-Z concept coverage (and then some!)

The program truly covers every piece of personal finance theory a high school student could need. The program also explores broader economic and psychology concepts to help contextualise core theories. 

Immediate and future support

 The program focuses on real milestones students are facing. Yet as they complete their micro-credentials, students build a resource to reference back to in future.

Students learn...


🕊️ Financial Freedom
🌈 Personal Savings Goals
🪄 Savings Techniques
🍀 Financial Ecosystem Design
💶 Budget Building
🪼 Long Term Budgeting
💥 Budgeting Hazards


⚡️ Super Intro & Theory
🍑 The Super Guarantee
😈 The Super Controversy
⭐️ Superfund Basics
📈 Superfund Investment Basics
💎 Returns and Fees
👀 Comparing Superfunds


🦶 Tax Basics
🛠️ Tax as an economic tool
⛑️ Income Tax & Employment
📊 The Progressive Tax System
🔖 Employment Tax Documents
🧩 Tax Returns & Bills
🎲 Tax Deductions


🦄 Money Theory
🌏 Money and Culture
🧠 Healthy money mindset
🟰 Social inequality and Money
🍏 Economic policy
🎯 Goal Setting Frameworks
👑 Setting Financial Goals


💼 Getting a job
📝 Resume Crafting
📧 Cover Letter Writing
👷🏾‍♂️ Interview Basics
🖇️ Admin Obligations
📄 Interpreting the Payslip
🔍 Contract under a Microscope


🔬 Investing Fundamentals
💯 Investment Return math
⚖️ Risk versus Return
🐣 Understanding Diversification
🧵 Share Basics & Logistics
😇 Ethical Investing
♟️ Investment Strategy 


🏦 Interest & Functions of a bank
🎈 Interest as an Inflation driver
🎁 Financial Product Basics
➗ Simple vs Compound Interest
🧮 Compound Interest Maths
⚔️ Two sides of Compounding
🤨 Debt vs Invest Decisions


🏋️‍♂️ Real Life Debt
🪢 Credit Score Overview
🔥 Debt and Risk
🚩 Dangers of a Debt Products
💶 Debt Repayment
✍️ Budgeting for Debt
🚑 Recovering from Debt

Life Admin

📚 The HECS System
🚙 Cost of key milestones
👩‍💼 Insurance Fundamentals
📲 Phone Plan Basics
✏️ Admin Tasks
✅ Organisational Checklists
🎗️ Accessing Financial Support

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How does the program support teachers? 

To achieve student outcomes, creating an experience which supports teachers is a priority. The Mandy Money High School Program is built to make your teaching experience as easy as can be.

Minimum Lesson Prep

Teacher lesson packs arrive ready out of the box. Simply acquaint yourself with the lesson, distribute student materials, and hit go!

No expertise required

Program materials take care of all the financial theory, so you can focus on your students. Bring the theory to life with personal experiences and learnings!

Straightforward to use

Program materials are easy to access, download and use. No complicated software or complex back-end. Click, play and enjoy!

Flexible & editable

Whether online, or hard copy, whether in the classroom, or as homework, whether out-of-the-box or adjusted to suit your teaching needs... It's your call!

Low onboarding efforts

With all training videos and documents supplied for you, your staff and students... You'll have your head wrapped around the program quickly.

Support resources

The program includes extension materials, teaching guides, and program delivery tools to help you deliver the content easily and effectively. 

Join hundreds of happy teachers and thousands of money-smart students! 

“We use the Mandy curriculum across our entire senior cohort. My students commented on how relevant they found all this new found information and how grateful they are for it ahead of getting jobs hopefully this coming summer. Considering it one of the best resources offered to them in PEX this year” 

Sabine Partington,
Haileybury College

"Money isn't as complicated as I thought! It was really helpful and relevant to learn more about where our money goes when we pay tax and tips on how to spend money effectively."

SacrĂŠ Coeur

"Mandy Money has been excellent! Our students found it to be engaging & relevant content, broking down even the most complex ideas and terms into easy and digestible content. The girls were thrilled that they learnt something in such a fun and dynamic way."

Head of Year 11,
St Rita's College

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