Financial education for your employees. Let us help you, help your community⚑️

Financial education for your employees. Let us help you, help your community⚑️

We've done the maths...

Your team

+ financial illiteracy

= bad for business

Your team
+ financial illiteracy
= bad for business

The good news

= You can change that

+ Long-term results

+ Positive impact

The good news
= You can change that
+ Long-term results
+ Positive impact

Which is why we've created for your 18-28(ish) year old team members...

Which is why we've created, for your 18-28(ish) year old team members...

With three ready-to-go financial education solutions to choose from...

With three ready-to-go financial education solutions to choose from...

Live Presentation

Our "Essentials workshop" covers all the basics, giving your employees what they need to know about the intersection of their money and their job. It's also a chance to ask questions!

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Industry Specific E-Books

Want your employees to have access to the finance basics they need, on their own time? Point them one of our industry specific E-Books. 

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A-Z Personal Finance Course

Give your employees the most valuable asset they could own... Financial empowerment! Our Life Academy online course covers it all, and does so in style.

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Solution One: Live Presentation

Our "Essentials Workshop" is a 1-hour online webinar, structured around our core 6 personal finance topics...

🌢 Your Job & Salary
πŸ”₯ Tax & Tax Returns
⚑️ Super & Retirement
πŸ₯ Cashflow & Budgeting
🐬 Spending & Debt
🫐 Saving & Investing

The Essentials workshop is designed for an audience 18-28, however we welcome your input in adjusting it for the age and competency level of your audience. 

This Workshop allows for Q&A, and aim to leave the audience with a solid understanding of the key concepts within each of the topics.

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Solution Two: Industry E-Books

Our "Essentials E-Book" Series is series of illustrated digital books. They are structured around our core 6 personal finance topics, however specialised to the requirements of a certain industry. For example...

🩺 Our Junior Doctor E-book explores tax the complexities of CME tax deductions and the implication of salary sacrifice as a doctor moves between hospitals, within the same hospital system.

🌊 Our Defence Force E-book discusses the unique Super, Loan and Salary implications for a defence force member, as well as what budgeting looks like for the irregularities of the job.

πŸŽ“ Our University E-book explores the different legal structures of an employment contract, as well as focusing on the irregular income that a university student deals with.

Our Essentials E-Books are designed to be the perfect quick, digestible take-home solution. They align with our Essentials Workshop content, and include space for personal application of presentation learnings. 

We are continuously expanding the series, and welcome the commission of a new industry E-Book.


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Solution Three: A-Z Course

Our A-Z Personal Finance Online Modules covers it all. An ever-available thesaurus of personal finance content, for questions and curiosities as they arise.

  • 6 Essential Topics
  • 86+ illustrated Lessons
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Excel Budget Template
  • HR Helper Resource
  • Content directory PDF (For both Employee & Employer)
  • Action Guidebook PDF 
  • Worksheet Book PDF
  • Savings Tracker PDF
  • Mobile & Desktop Access
  • Completion Certificate
  • 200+ never-seen-before Mandy memes

Our flagship A-Z course is available for customisation & white-labelling. Make it available to your staff internally, or to external clients, under your branding.

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...Or make the most of our complete program

...Or make the most of our complete program

Hold up. Why?

Hold up. Why?

Because it's good for your employees.

Because it's good for your employees.

Happier Mind

Money is the number one stressor for most people aged 18-57. It can take up a lot of space in the brain. Let's learn back some of that space.

Healthier Wallet

Help your employees jump ahead of the curve! Time really is money. Your effort and support today will result in life long financial wins for your team.

Better Performance

With your employee's number one stress under control, there's now time and space to get their work ducks in a row. Nice.

It's good for your HR team.

It's good for your HR team.

Less Questions

HR is a battle between doing productive, essential work, while tending to an inbox of never-ending (often repetitive) questions. Let's shrink the latter.

Outsourced Answers

Employee questions can be tough. Imagine pointing your staff to the right answer, instantly. Tap into our Q&A Library through our our A-Z course.

Improved Function

Good HR focuses on employee happiness. Financial Literacy is a core part of this wellbeing piece, helping HR do what they need to do, better.

It's good for business.

It's good for business.

Increased Productivity

By tackling their number one source of stress, your financially empowered team will have more time, headspace, and energy to dedicate!

Healthier Employees

Financial literacy means better security, less stress, and a broader sense of the world they live in. Healthy employees mean healthy business!


Financial literacy is proven to lead to lower absenteeism & improved retention. Your team's financial wellbeing holds weight!

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Online Webinar

Live Presentation

Base Price + Per Person Cost

  • No Group Size Requirements
  • Internal Marketing Materials supplied 
  • Presentation content customisation available
  • Includes up to 30 minutes of additional Q&A time
  • Discounted pricing for NGO's, Community Groups and various eligible businesses
  • Bespoke workshop builds available on request
  • Australia and US Eligible

Digital File

Essential E-Book

Annual PP Subscription

  • Aligned with "Essentials Workshop" content
  • 80+ illustrated pages
  • QR links to online module content for further learning
  • Industry specific content
  • Personalisation of branding, Content & Commentary  available
  • Space for note-taking
  • Prompts & worksheets for personal application
  • Live edits & updates
  • Unique User Login

Indexed Resource

A-Z Online Modules

Annual PP Subscription

  • 6 Topics, 86+ Lessons
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Actionable Worksheets, Templates and Resources 
  • Support resources for your HR/Finance Team
  • White-labelling Solutions Available
  • Unique User Sign-in
  • Progress Tracking
  • Completion Certificate
  • Live Updates & Edits
  • Mobile & Desktop Access

Or, let us build you a custom solution

Whether it's white-labelling our online modules for your clients, designing a custom branded E-book, or building something completely from scratch, we've got you covered.

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Who is the Career Essentials Resource series for?

Who is the Career Essentials Resource series for?

Youth Workforce Employers

Do you employ a large number of young people? Give them the support they need, while helping out your HR too!

Corporate with Graduate Programs

Do you have a large graduate cohort? Equip them with the essential skills to start their career.

Client-Based Organisations 

Do you have clients that would benefit from understanding their money a bit better? We can help with that!


Do your wellbeing objectives include financial health? Let's get your students educated and ready for the real world.

SMB's of any kind!

Do you have a team or user base who could do with dose of financial education? Let us help your people!

Youth Organisations 

Are you responsible for the wellbeing & development of young people? Let's add financial literacy to their tool kits.

Want to know more about our curriculum? Explore our focus areas πŸ‘‡


Want to know more about our curriculum? Explore our focus areas πŸ‘‡


Topic 1

🌢 Jobs, jobs, jobs - find me one!
🌢 How do I build a Resume?
🌢 How do I write a Cover Letter?
🌢 What do I need to look for before I sign my Job contract?
🌢 What is my Job Classification? Permanent, Casual or Contract?
🌢 What do all the things on my paycheck mean?
🌢 Who's on my side at work?

Topic 2

πŸ”₯ What is Tax?
πŸ”₯ What is Income Tax?
πŸ”₯ How does our Progressive Tax System work?
πŸ”₯ How do I figure out how much tax I owe?
πŸ”₯ What does the ATO do, and are they following me?
πŸ”₯ How does HECS debt & repayment work?
πŸ”₯ Do I have to pay a Medicare Levy?
πŸ”₯ What is a Tax File Number, how do I get one?
πŸ”₯ When and who pays my tax?
πŸ”₯ Why do I get taxed different amounts on each pay check?
πŸ”₯ How does Tax impact my take-home pay?
πŸ”₯ How does the Tax-Free Threshold work?
πŸ”₯ How does Salary Sacrifice / Packaging work?
πŸ”₯ What is a Novated Lease?
πŸ”₯ How do Tax Returns work?
πŸ”₯ What counts as Assessable Income?
πŸ”₯ How do Deductible Expenses work?
πŸ”₯ How do I know if I'll get a Tax Return or Bill?
πŸ”₯ How do I submit my Tax Return?

Topic 3

⚑️ What is Super?
⚑️ Where does my Super money go?
⚑️ How does my Super get paid (and how much)?
⚑️ How do Superfunds work?
⚑️ What are my investment options?
⚑️ How do I choose my investment options?
⚑️ How do I know what's a good superfund return?
⚑️ Taking stock of your Super (where is it?)
⚑️ Choosing a Superfund
⚑️ Joining your new Superfund
⚑️ What happens with my Super when I retire?
⚑️ How do I make sure I have a *super* successful super situation?

Topic 4

πŸ₯ Why Budgeting is so hard (but worth it)
πŸ₯ Where to begin with budgeting?
πŸ₯ How do I organise my accounts and investments?
πŸ₯ How do I decide which accounts to use?
πŸ₯ How do I forecast and figure out my budget numbers?
πŸ₯ How do I convert my numbers to a functional budget?
πŸ₯ How to actually build, and use my budgeting System?
πŸ₯ Download and use Mandy's Budgeting Template
πŸ₯ How can I automate my budget and cashflow?
πŸ₯ How do I budget with an inconsistent income or lifestyle?
πŸ₯ How do I reflect on my spending and budget?

Topic 5

🐬 Where Spending and Debt meet
🐬 Am I in debt?
🐬 What types of Debt are available to me?
🐬 What is debt going to cost me?
🐬 The science behind debt: How does Interest work?
🐬 How does debt repayment work?
🐬 How do I choose the right debt for my situation?
🐬 How does a lender decide whether to lend me money?
🐬 What's the difference between Secured and Unsecured Loans?
🐬 How do Credit Scores work?
🐬 How does Buy Now Pay Later work?
🐬 How do Credit Cards work?
🐬 How do Payday Loans work?
🐬 How does my HECS Debt work?
🐬 How do I know what my Debt Situation is?
🐬 How do I budget for Debt and make a repayment plan?
🐬 Do I repay my Debt, or Invest first?
🐬 How do I refinance my Debt?
🐬 How do I stop myself from getting into unhealthy debt?
🐬 Where do I find help for my debt situation?

Topic 6

🫐 Where to invest my savings?
🫐 What is Investing?
🫐 Why should I care about investing?
🫐 How do investments make money?
🫐 What do investment 'returns' mean?
🫐 How does investment Risk relate to Returns?
🫐 What is a Portfolio, and why is it diversified?
🫐 What are shares?
🫐 How does the Share Market, Stock Broking & Shares work?
🫐 How do shares make money?
🫐 How to choose which shares to invest in?
🫐 How do Passive & Active Funds work?
🫐 How do Exchange Traded Funds work?
🫐 How do Savings Accounts, Term Deposits, Bonds work?
🫐 How do Commodities, Foreign Currency, Crypto Currency work?
🫐 What should I think about before investing?
🫐 How do I choose the right investments?

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