Meet Australia's first ⚡️fully-illustrated ⚡️ personal finance textbook...

This first-of-its-kind resource, traverses the A-Z's of personal finance. With 108 digestible activity-based chapters to use in the classroom or assign for independent learning, it's the easiest and most effective way to get your students in the know about their dough! 

Gone are the days of "I wish I had learnt that at school". Finally, Aussie schools are teaching it!

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What you'll find inside The Mandy Money Textbook...

for Australian students in years 7-12.


🦄 Delayed Gratification
🌏 Money and Culture
🧠 Healthy money mindset
🟰 Social inequality and Money
🍏 Economic policy
🎯 Goal Setting Frameworks
👑 Setting Financial Goals


💼 Getting a job
📝 Resume Crafting
📧 Cover Letter Writing
👷🏾‍♂️ Interview Basics
🖇️ Admin Obligations
📄 Interpreting the Payslip
🔍 Contract under a Microscope


🕊️ Financial Freedom
🌈 Personal Savings Goals
🪄 Savings Techniques
🍀 Financial Ecosystem Design
💶 Budget Building
🪼 Long Term Budgeting
💥 Budgeting Hazards


⚡️ Super Intro & Theory
🍑 The Super Guarantee
😈 The Super Controversy
⭐️ Superfund Basics
📈 Superfund Investment Basics
💎 Returns and Fees
👀 Comparing Superfunds


🦶 Tax Basics
🛠️ Tax as an economic tool
⛑️ Income Tax & Employment
📊 The Progressive Tax System
🔖 Employment Tax Documents
🧩 Tax Returns & Bills
🎲 Tax Deductions


🏦 Interest & Functions of a bank
🎈 Interest as an Inflation driver
🎁 Financial Product Basics
➗ Simple vs Compound Interest
🧮 Compound Interest Maths
⚔️ Two sides of Compounding
🤨 Debt vs Invest Decisions


🏋️‍♂️ Real Life Debt
🪢 Credit Score Overview
🔥 Debt and Risk
🚩 Dangers of a Debt Products
💶 Debt Repayment
✍️ Budgeting for Debt
🚑 Recovering from Debt


🔬 Investing Fundamentals
💯 Investment Return math
⚖️ Risk versus Return
🐣 Understanding Diversification
🧵 Share Basics & Logistics
😇 Ethical Investing
♟️ Investment Strategy 

Life Admin

📚 The HECS System
🚙 Cost of key milestones
👩‍💼 Insurance Fundamentals
📲 Phone Plan Basics
✏️ Admin Tasks
✅ Organisational Checklists
🎗️ Accessing Financial Support

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How is the textbook structured?

Structured in a methodical way to make for effortless planning and delivery of your financial literacy program. 

  • 3 Micro-credentials, broken down into;
  • 9 Topics, broken down into;
  • 27 Lessons, broken down into;
  • 108 Theory + Activity Chapters

Whether you choose to break down and allocate each micro-credential to a unique year level; or allocate topics amongst different subjects; or plan lessons across different terms; or assign chapters to spare-period / homeroom sessions... The power and flexibility is yours!

How to use it?

This jam-packed resource is designed to be endlessly functional for both group and individual use.

Designated space to complete activities sits alongside the theory. This allows for the progressive creation of a personal resource for students to refer back to over coming years.

Whether you choose to use it in the classroom as a group resource, combine it with our teacher lesson packs, or assign for individual student completion, trust the Mandy Money Textbook to be there for your financial literacy needs!

Full High School Program

Fully illustrated & headache free! 😎

Learning about money is tricky. Most educational resources surrounding this topic fall short when it comes to explaining financial concepts in a simple, engaging way. Financial jargon won't get young Australians the financial empowerment they so need! 

Fully illustrated in our famous Mandy style, this textbook will be effective not only in communicating what your students need to know... We have a feeling they'll enjoy learning it too!

Meet the Microcredentials!

The Mandy Textbook comes equipped with four Microcredentials. Completed in-class or independently, give your students the opportunity to complete an invaluable piece of learning. The Mandy micro-credentials serve as a useful incentive for students to complete learning, but have a greater secondary purpose.

Through our Mandy Resume Badges, your students will be able to show proof of their learning and commitment to prospective employers. With an effective resume comes employment, and with employment comes the chance to put personal finance learnings into practise.

Financial literacy becomes capability 🔥

Your students need a copy, if...

They're a high school student.

Are they in Year 7-12? This resource is relevant and age-appropriate for students navigating the early steps of the financial lives. 

Your school is in Australia.

Our content is super niche to the Australian Market. In fact, most of its content is aligned to elements within the Australian and Victorian Curriculums!

Real life skills is on the learning agenda!

As a teacher, you want your students to succeed beyond the classroom. Help your students tackle one of the trickiest parts of adulthood.

You teach wellbeing, maths, economics, accounting, careers, business. 

Financial literacy fits across the teaching spectrum!

You're not comfortable teaching the theory.

That's ok! Even as specialists, we find it a particularly tricky topic to teach. Let this text-book do the heavy lifting. 

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