Money Essentials: Uni Student Edition

Money Essentials for your time at Uni 

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Are you a...?

⚡️ At University?
⚡️ Fresh out of School?

And do you...?

🫠 Hide under the covers when you think about your bank account?
🥵 Want the core money essentials and not (yet another) lecture?
🤠 Want to start you career (and your money) on the right foot?

Then this guide is for you!

The must-read guide as you begin your Uni Career

If you're a Uni Student and feeling a bit overwhelmed about your money situation, this is the resource for you!

Authored with the help of people who have *been there, done that*, these 8 chapters cover everything they wish they had known before they started Uni.

What will you be learning?


👏 Eight 👏 jam 👏 packed 👏 chapters 👏 of 👏 money 👏 smart 👏 goodness 👏


Chapter 1: Your Job

🥑 Basic insights into your Job Contract
🥑 Basic insights about your Salary

Chapter 2: Tax

✨ Basic Income Tax theory
✨ Details about Medicare & HECS
✨ Tax Return fundamentals & execution
✨ Tax Deduction Basics
✨ Salary Packaging

Chapter 3: Super

🍑 Basic Superannuation Theory
🍑 Your Contract and Employer Obligations
🍑 Additional Super Contributions
🍑 How Superfunds Work
🍑 How to Choose a Superfund

Chapter 4: Earnings

🌶 How to structure your banking ecosystem
🌶 How to work out your budget figures
🌶 How to build a basic budget
🌶 How to introduce automation into your cashflow
🌶 How to deal with inconsistency of cashflow

Chapter 5: Spending & Debt

🤌 The extensive list of fixed costs you'll run into
🤌 The range of personal costs you'll need to budget for
🤌 Tips on how to Spend less (or more mindfully)
🤌 The Basic forms of debt available to you
🤌 A quick look at debt recovery

Chapter 6: Saving & Investing

🤠 How to assign jobs to savings accounts
🤠 Different Investment options & products available
🤠 Aligning account jobs and investment choices
🤠 Aligning investment choices with your broader strategy
🤠 Tips on how to save more

Chapter 7: Organisation

👅 How to organise your passwords & important details
👅 How to organise your document ecosystem
👅 Navigating MyGov
👅 Setting up regular time for your budgeting
👅 Documenting and organising your tax documents

Chapter 8: Bonus Secret Chapter

🧠 The most useful concept to get right!

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