Personal Finance E-Books to tick off all your essentials βœ…

Wouldn't it be great if you could find the core things you need to know about money... in one place?

Wouldn't it be great if you could find everything you need to know about money... in one place?

...And that the information was actually relevant to your situation?

...And that the information was super specific to your situation?

...And that it didn't cost you any limbs?

...And that it didn't cost you any limbs?



Our latest Series of E-Books to get you in the know about your dough!

Our latest Series of E-Books to get you in the know about your dough!

60+ Illustrated Pages

These E-books tackle the core pieces of your money puzzle, leaving you with a solid foundation to build onto. The learning is visual and headache-free!

Industry Specific 

Each E-book focuses on a specific industry or 'situation'. This allows the education to be specific to you and your challenges.

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Accessibility is one of our key pillars at Mandy Money. Pay as little (or as much) as you like... Our minimum contribution is only $4.

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Money Essentials: Junior Doctor Edition

Money Essentials for your career in Medicine. The must-read money guide for any Aussie student beginning their career in Medicine.

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Money Essentials: University Student Edition

Money Essentials to get you through University. Get in the know about your dough with this must-read money guide!

Pay What You Like!

Next? It's your call!

Tell us what our next industry should be... This brand new series is yours for the making!

Hold up. Why?

Hold up. Why?

Because it's good for you, and your money.

Because it's good for you, and your money.

Find peace of mind

Money can take up a lot of space in your brain. Let's buy back some of that space.

Jump ahead of the curve

Time really is money, and the earlier you can get on top of it, the more future you will thank you.

Get your ducks in a row

Money can be messy. The Life Academy will help you simplify and get on top of it.

Here's what you'll be learning πŸ‘‡


Here's what you'll be learningπŸ‘‡

Chapter 1: Your Job

πŸ₯‘ Basic insights into your Job Contract
πŸ₯‘ Basic insights about your Salary

Chapter 2: Tax

✨ Basic Income Tax theory
✨ Details about Medicare & HECS
✨ Tax Return fundamentals & execution
✨ Tax Deduction Basics
✨ Salary Packaging

Chapter 3: Super

πŸ‘ Basic Superannuation Theory
πŸ‘ Your Contract and Employer Obligations
πŸ‘ Additional Super Contributions
πŸ‘ How Superfunds Work
πŸ‘ How to Choose a Superfund

Chapter 4: Earnings

🌢 How to structure your banking ecosystem
🌢 How to work out your budget figures
🌢 How to build a basic budget
🌢 How to introduce automation into your cashflow
🌢 How to deal with inconsistency of cashflow

Chapter 5: Spending & Debt

🀌 The extensive list of fixed costs you'll run into
🀌 The range of personal costs you'll need to budget for
🀌 Tips on how to Spend less (or more mindfully)
🀌 The Basic forms of debt available to you
🀌 A quick look at debt recovery

Chapter 6: Saving & Investing

🀠 How to assign jobs to savings accounts
🀠 Different Investment options & products available
🀠 Aligning account jobs and investment choices
🀠 Aligning investment choices with your broader strategy
🀠 Tips on how to save more

Chapter 7: Organisation

πŸ‘… How to organise your passwords & important details
πŸ‘… How to organise your document ecosystem
πŸ‘… Navigating MyGov
πŸ‘… Setting up regular time for your budgeting
πŸ‘… Documenting and organising your tax documents

Chapter 8: Bonus Secret Chapter

🧠 The most useful concept to get right!

Want something more advanced?

Maybe you're already a bit of an expert and want the next level up. Check out our Life Academy course. We'll even throw in a free E-Book for you. 

Check out the Life Academy!

Who is the Essentials E-Book Series for?

Who is the Essentials E-Book Series for?

Young People

Are you 18-28 (or beyond)? These E-Books are built for you! Get in the know about your dough, today. 


Do you have a team or clients that need this? Commission a custom E-book for your brand or company!

Industry Leaders 

Have we not covered your industry yet? Commission a custom industry E-Book and join us a co-author!

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